The New Deal with HitRECord

RegularJoe, or as traditional and other popular media know him, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (most recently, Inception’s Arthur) basically sums up in this video why sites like are the ideal of today’s generation.

(I tried to embed it within the post, but apparently, WordPress can only process Youtube, Dailymotion and Google Videos. Still, it’s essential to watch this one, so please click that link and watch till the end.)

By now I hope you’ve already seen the video (and are probably wondering what the hell Joe was talking about). Just to give us a background, is basically a repository of everything and anything that can be shared and co-created online. It allows its community to make use of and improve upon everyone’s ideas by enabling them free use of all content within the site, and by providing them with the communicative mash-ups brought along by these interactions.

Before this New Deal, there was no concept of making profit out of the collaborations (or as they call it there, RECords) they made, but I agree with Joe that this is a pretty nifty development in the system. After all, no venture, whether it be for profit or not, can run solely on free collaboration. Money wheedles its way in there somehow.

I wasn’t already there when HitRECord first came to be – as I am actually as much a newbie to this as you probably are – but the idea of the site is very simple. It basically banks on the qualities that the net generation value, most specifically openness and sharing – that people, given time, ample resources and proper motivation, will seek to better themselves and their others by openly sharing their works and ideas. It’s amazing how successful HitRECord is at utilizing this part of the human psyche, and it’s just as amazing that someone like Gordon-Levitt had the vision to do so.

It’s unusual to see people, much less celebrities (I know he hates being called that, but for the sake of this discussion, please indulge me) actually advocate for a website like HitRECord, and to this extent. There are a handful few who really invest in ventures that involve online media collaboration, not many of those are in the same line of work as Gordon-Levitt. And even just talking about the average (regular) Joe – there seems to be not too many people convinced of the credibility of this new media. I don’t think it’s a matter of awareness, though; it’s not as if we have no idea that collaborations can be successful, or that the internet can empower just about everyone. We are all aware of how the tides have changed, of how the rigid walls constructed by traditional media have begun to wear away. I think the thing is that, we, up to this day, still underestimate the power of new media. We don’t give it that much “street cred” so to speak.

It’s really funny though, that for all our reservations on believing things we see online, we still use it to do our research. And I’m not just talking about the regular homework wiki-research we commonly don’t admit to doing, but about looking up reviews on products we’re not sure of buying, or digging dirt about that certain annoying co-worker of ours, or perhaps even snooping around our significant others’ social networking accounts to see who they’ve been talking to recently. The thing is, we might not want to admit it, but this new “toy” is steadily becoming a “tool” we all depend on.

“Open communication is at the heart of human progress,” Joe says in his video to drive his point home. And I think the same can be applied here; that in our world today, open communication is best represented by the internet and everything that it brings within it. And it is by utilizing this core concept that we can only begin to harness the power – not of the technology, but of the many regular joes behind each computer unit. And though it may sound idealistic, I think that Joe is right in saying that through sites like HitRECord, we are surely taking small baby steps toward a development in the way people view media and communication.

That said, “Are you RECording?”

  1. One thought came to my mind as I read your entry. Human beings are social animals. We are continuously socializing to better ourselves and we socialize by communicating and sharing the talents (or anything we can offer) we have with other people. It is that the Internet has provided us with a much faster and easier way of doing the socialization process. Given that we are social animals it just makes sense that any social medium or website will surely benefit each and everyone of us.

    P.S. I haven’t RECord yet because there’s something wrong with our computer. It’s also the reason why I haven’t watched RegularJoe’s video. Haha 😛

    • XD Yeah, and I can’t wait for the day when efforts like these will be recognized as the new norm of transacting work. Aww, that’s too bad, it would have been awesome if you’d seen the intro video. There’s a little part there that suspiciously sounds like “kamusta” – when Joe tells his staff to greet the person viewing the video. You don’t get to see the person saying it, but it’s very distinct (since it’s the last greeting to be said out loud, I think). :3

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