Wasabi Toys bring anime goodies closer to Filipinos

Wasabi Toys Bring Anime Goodies Closer to Filipino and Non-Filipino Fans Alike

“Fans-serving-fans” brought to a new level by the two-man team behind this Philippine-based international store

MANILA, PH — (August  28, 2010) –

News Facts

  • Wasabi Toys is a small-time Philippine-based enterprise which aims to deliver anime goods to fans, specifically to Filipinos living not only in urban Metro Manila, but also in other parts of the country unreached by other anime-affiliated stores.
  • Behind this business are the brothers Patrick “Pats” and Nicholas “Nick” Sy, anime fans who were inspired to start this venture by the desire to deliver legitimate goods to their fellow anime & toy lovers. They chose this particular business venture due to their passion for anime and their want to share the love of anime with their fellow fans.
  • Wasabi Toys offers a myriad of anime goods, ranging from audio cds to video dvds, from manga volumes to action figures and toys. They also provide a variety of options for patrons, including but not limited to making pre-orders, door-to-door delivery and layaway payments (for large transactions).
  • Interested fans who are in Metro Manila can visit Wasabi Toys at the 3rd Floor Shopseville Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan City, where they can see the actual goods, make orders, payments, and other transactions. Those who are far from Metro Manila can view the goods and reach Wasabi Toys through their online shop.
  • For those who cannot visit Wasabi Toys personally, they can instead visit their online shop. Wasabi Toys is one of the few Philippine-based anime goods store who makes use of an online shop to showcase their products. They provide up-to-date price lists, pictures of the actuals products, availability listings, and payment and shipping options.
  • For orders made online, fans are given the option to arrange payments via Banco De Oro or Paypal.  Shipping is done via Air21 or AP Cargo.
  • Wasabi Toys also caters to international orders, made possible by Paypal and Express Mail Service (EMS). Should EMS be unavailable, Air Parcel Service Delivery will be used.

Please use this link to access the Wasabi Toys Online Catalogue.

Please use this link to see a map to the Wasabi Toys Store.

Please use this link to see more information about Wasabi Toys.

Quote, attributed to Nicholas Sy, co-founder, Wasabi Toys

“We don’t get to watch, read, or play with the same amount of anime, manga, and toys compared to some of our fanatic customers… but we also have the same amount of passion as you guys have.”

Quote, attributed to Nicholas Sy, co-founder, Wasabi Toys

“We choose to participate in this business because we love what we do, and it brings us great pleasure to serve our fellow fans.”

Contact Information:

Nicholas “Nick” Sy

Wasabi Toys



Wasabi Toys Logo

The Wasabi Toys Logo

The Wasabi Toys Homepage

The Wasabi Toys Item List

I’ll be putting up a png/jpg version of this that correctly follows the format from Shift Communications. And I’ll probably do another one about a Tattoo designer who makes tattoos with Baybayin fonts.

  1. I am glad that quality anime toys are available via online shopping and local shipping because that reduces the cost a lot. However, I will advise the owners of the shop to revamp the look of their site because it feels too boxy and less anime-ish. Product display is also not optimized. I haven’t tried purchasing from this store, but looking at it, I’d rather go to the actual store and it defeats the purpose of having an online store. A lot can be done to improve the layout and it also increase sales. The font is hardly readable. Everything looks as if the last update was year 2000, when we were creating website via Notepad etc. It gives a feeling that there aren’t any new products.

    • yeah, there’s a problem with the website aesthetics, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed, yeah? :3 At any rate, I wish the other local anime shops would start their online shops as well, since most of their target market belongs to the net generation. :3

    • Jimmy
    • December 15th, 2013

    Most of my toys comes from em.. Yeah d site is a lil crappy but at least its workin! When u search, the item will appear. Sometimes it cost more here, but u will be emailed when the toy arrives, they respond nicely to your concerns/request (special orders – w/c I really appreciate they have such!!!) and simply, very consumer friendly… Thats why I still order thru em 🙂

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