One more thing you can’t really imagine being sold online


Yes, that’s right, puppies. Dogs. Tuta. Bow-wow, arf-arf, aw-aw and all that.

Online puppy selling.

That’s the latest thing I tried buying online, and what do you know, it actually worked. I had little faith in this when I started this venture for so many reasons, but today I’m going to tell you about how I bought a puppy online and actually got [more than] what I expected.

So I’ve been scouting for a new pet for months. Even before I got my rabbits just this previous Valentine’s, I was already looking around for relatively affordable puppies. [I’ve always been a dog-person, really.] At first I tried asking friends whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting puppies before, but none of them had anything for me. I also tried looking around pet shops [Bio-research, when it still existed in SM Bicutan, that pet store in Rob Ermita…], but none fit into my budget. Seeing as my attempts at getting puppies from these stores was futile, I decided to take the hunt online and see where that would take me.

At first I found myself lurking about the Pinoy Pet Finder forums. I saw some potential pets there, but not one was within the budget I had set for myself. The knowledge that such forums actually existed had me searching for more of them, in hopes that the other forums would be able to answer my dilemma. No such luck. It wasn’t until I remembered Sulit that I realized I was being silly looking for affordable puppies in relatively elitist forums.

So there I was, entering into my browser, exactly one month a four days before today [or at least, according to my browsing history]. I didn’t have high hopes for anything, since I was thinking that I would be encountering the same sellers in the other forums I’ve already lurked before. Imagine my surprise when I actually saw puppies for sale for about Php3,000.00 to Php5,000.00 in average. Good God, I’ve found my answer!

Anyway, when I was done being positively surprised, I tried to narrow down my choices and came up with three sellers with the most affordable prices: this, this and this. I finally decided on the last one because the seller was the only one who responded very promptly to my questions about the Labrador x Siberian Husky puppies they had in their album. First one didn’t respond at all, and the second one didn’t have any puppies on hand that I liked.

Anyway, after settling on the seller, I went ahead and sent an SMS to the numbers that were listed in their ad. Again, response was very prompt and accommodating, although a little vague. Or maybe that’s just me.

We set the date to meet at Festival Mall Alabang for me to pick up the puppy of my choice – a black male Labrador x Belgian Shepherd. I initially wanted a Labrador Husky, but I realized I didn’t have the guts to risk Php2,500.00 on an untried service. So I steeled myself to to go to Alabang and get my puppy, the agreed Php1,400.00 fee in my hand.

We agreed to meet at 3pm in Festi, so I left home at about 1:30pm – plenty of time allowance to get there and find the exact meeting place before 3pm. I decided to take a taxi, since the whether seemed to be turning for the worse. On the way, at about 2pm, I received a message indicating that they were actually already at the Metropolis Starmall, and were waiting for me. So I told the cab driver to bring me there instead.

We met at the 2nd floor parking lot of Metropolis, since pets weren’t allowed in the mall. Got a little lost trying to find their vehicle, but that was mainly my fault, since I forgot that Nissan Sentras were sedans and not vans. If it weren’t for the sound of barking dogs, I wouldn’t have found them. [Yes, I was that excited.]

They were actually surprised to find out that I was a girl, since they’ve been calling me “Kuya” in their texts without me correcting them. It wasn’t really a big deal for me; it was actually kind of fun seeing the look of surprise on their faces. That, and I didn’t really know how to correct their assumptions via text messaging, so I just let it be.

Anyway, they’d brought along four puppies: two Belgian Labradors [black and choco-brown], one Shi Tzu Labrador [looks of a Shi tzu, colors of a labrador] and one other whose breed I forgot [white with black-spotted feet]. They wanted me to have a choice in picking, they said, and in my mind I kind of felt that they also wanted me to pick more than just one of the dogs. Still, I ultimately decided on my original pick: a black male Belgian Labrador with white feet, underbelly and tail tip. I mainly picked him because he reminded me of my previous dog, Yoyong.

So after the transaction was done, I went on my merry way home. Decided against taking a cab, since the cab drivers there were being assholes. Hmm, must remind myself to report those thugs to the LTO or something. Took a jeepney, then a trike home. It wasn’t too much of a hassle, since I didn’t bring a bug bulky cage to keep the puppy in – I brought my big orange overnight bag and kept him there instead. Of course I kept his head out of the bag so as to not suffocate him.

Got home at about 4pm, as expected. Made it there before it started to rain really hard. To sum, I’m quite satisfied with this venture, since the sellers were able to deliver on their promise. Still, it would have been much better if they could have delivered it at my home, but I suppose that’s the lazy in me talking. But if they could somehow incorporate that, it would be awesome. Delivery was actually one of the things I was considering in the initial choosing of sellers, but I decided to disregard that standard, since there was only one seller who had this feature.

Anyway, that’s it for that adventure. I don’t think I’ll be buying puppies online anytime soon, what with this one taking up all my time from now on. Still, it was a very interesting experience, and now I’m left wondering about the next unimaginable thing I’ll be buying online. Haha, I suppose it’s going to be a bit hard to top this one off – or at least, until I figure how to come up with enough money to buy a house and lot. o.o

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