Orcom Night 2010 – First and most memorable?

Well I suppose it being my first ever orcom night kind of makes it inevitable that it would also be the most memorable. But of course, it’s also so memorable because of something else entirely: Seniors won, and we represented.

And by saying “we represented”, I don’t mean that in the way that they do in America’s Best Dance Crew (haha, why is this shout out here? Probably because I’m watching it right now…), but quite literally: Mr. Gene Paolo Faraon and I represented the seniors, and with everyone’s help and prayers (and consumption of brownies, pastillas, jelly ace, etc.), we won Mr. and Miss OrCom 2010.

Excuse me while I stare in disbelief at the paragraph just before this one. Even up till now, the thought of it all just can’t seem to sink in quite completely. The thought of our win, how and why we won… (and that.. that.. talent portion thing! Even up to now, I still can’t bear to look at the video they took and posted on youtube… What the hell was I thinking?) Everything just really seems so much like a dream, like a hazy illusion I could snap out of any time. But the fact that I’m staring at the certificates right now (and the two pink sashes, and contents of the gift bag, lol) and all these pictures, and all the support and congratulations from everyone… they all make it seem so real. So, so real.

Excuse me, but I’d just like to emphasize: Super wala sa plano ang mga pangyayari. It was supposed to be a solid Kitty as Gaga (or ANNERIC, yun talaga ung boto ko eh!), but somehow it got turned into myself as Mystica and Gene Pao as April Boy (courtesy of Mr. Eric Wong XD). But Diane Pili suggested that we change that into Justin Timberlake and Madonna, with 4 Minutes as our talent piece. And we did just that. :3

It took a lot of resources to get my shit together. I mean, I barely had anything to wear, and I really had no idea how we were supposed to go about the talent piece. I mean, clearly, I wouldn’t be able to dance. That was just a given fact. Sing – not so much either, but it was the only alternative to dancing. Someone had even suggested we do a debate of some sort as our talent piece, and I was more than just half tempted to take them on their offer. I really had no idea what I was supposed to do, until the date for the formal wear photo shoot was been announced. And then I was doomed.

It was a good thing my friends were there. Marie was such a big help, I couldn’t even imagine how everything would have turned out if she weren’t there to help me along the process. It was practically Marie all the way – the dress, the gloves, the talent costume I wore, the funds even! I was really surprised that Kitty, Marie and Lara had this fund raiser going for the votes… I was so touched by their efforts and felt so blessed to have them. And of course, my hunny Patsy and her makeup, and my going to her house at about 7am to disturb her sleep and borrow her shoes and Ward’s clothes… I just felt so winded and dazed, but at the same time so relieved that I had these people as my friends. No one could have been luckier than myself.

As dazed as I was, I do distinctly remember worrying over the talent piece. Gene Pao and I had wanted to meet up so many times and talk about it, if not practice, but we just couldn’t seem to find a common free time, and ended up finally deciding to meet on the morning of the day of the event. On one point, I felt like I was betraying the trust of our batchmates by doing so, but on the other hand, there was just so much going on aside from the event, and no matter how hard I wished, I just couldn’t split up myself and do everything all at once.

Gene Pao, Me and Judge Maam Thea, photo by GJ

As much as I’d like to deny being nervous, I was. Some said that I didn’t look it, but I really was falling apart inside, and I was so relieved that Gene Pao could tell. In my mind, it was a good thing that he knew, because he seemed confident and relaxed about the whole thing. Meaning, I could depend on him to take the lead and be confident enough for the both of us, should I finally succumb to the urge of breaking down and just losing it. Thank goodness that didn’t happen.

The event itself – the catwalks and fashion shows, the talent portion, the question and answer portion – it was all a daze to me. The only clear thing that happened to me that night was trying to eat at the bar, and not being able to finish because my stomach just wouldn’t let me eat. I always get that way when I have to do something in front of an audience. I can’t eat nor drink before a performance; I believe it’s my psychological reflex to performance anxiety.

Anyway, the awarding came to alleviate my worries soon enough. Just as we were finishing our food (I say we, but it was really Gene Pao who did, heheh), the hosts finally announced that the results were in… and started giving out the special awards. By this time, I had developed a sort of calmness within me, since I was finally assured that the end was near. I wasn’t expecting any special awards, and was only counting that the entire effort would be worth more than the sum of its parts. Imagine my surprise when we got called to received the Best in Talent award… HAH! That thing we did, best in talent?! I couldn’t really even begin to think why.

Awarding the event contestants, photo by GJ

Anyway, I got up the stage to receive the award, and lost my gloves in the process. After that, I couldn’t leave the stage anymore because the winners of the Mr. and Miss OrCom 2010 were about to be announced. The hosts started off with the 2nd Runners up, then the 1st Runners up… and then. Grand Winners for Mr. and Miss Orcom 2010, Mr. Gene Paolo Faraon and Miss Erose Marlo Laeno. No really big smiles on our faces because we were 1) Tired; 2) Drained; and 3) Really still out of it and haven’t had the truth sunk in yet.

And almost a week later, it still hasn’t sunk in that much. Nevertheless, I’d like to thank everyone who gave their support. To my coaches Marie, Kitty, Patsy, Lara and Diane, walang-wala kung wala kayo; to my sponsors Grace, Zid and Kris, thanks for everything kahit na super last minute ako nagsabi; sa lahat ng bumoto, bumili at napurga sa brownies, pastillas at jelly ace, walang votes kung wala kayo; sa lahat ng pumunta, sumigaw, humiyaw, thanks for giving us the confidence and strength to go on stage; sa lahat ng nagrequest ng April Boy at Mystica, love you guys; sa lahat ng sumuporta, walang JT-Madonna kung wala kayo; and to Gene Pao, thanks for being patient! XD Thank you, thank you, thank you seniors. We love you guys. SUPER.

  1. Aaah, I never thought you’d blog about it, but since you did, I guess, you’re happy about the whole experience. 🙂 And we’re just sooo happy because you were our rep during our last year in UP and you made it! So proud of and happy for you, Ero-chan! ❤

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