about: galeaya

Livejournal. Blogger. Tabulas. Blogspot. Tumbler. Blogdrive. Diaryland. And a lot of other brands similar in function to WordPress are just floating around here somewhere in the internet. And in all that mess – the jumbled mumbo-jumbo of the technological mystery that is the web – there exists this one blog in 70 million (and counting) that has the unique domain name of galeaya.

Which is of course, maintained by one Erose Marlo Laeno, a former BA Organizational Communication student (2007-2011), currently (at least as of August 2014) a law student of Arellano University School of Law, and just a simple netizen who prefers being called ‘Gale’ online.

In the past, this blog’s purpose was to talk about Gale’s learnings and reflections in her life as an undergraduate student taking OrCom 152 – Communication Trends and Styles under Professor Barry Barrientos in UP Manila. The dynamics of today’s social communication media, as well as its history, evolution and effective use for and within organizations were among the topics discussed in this blog. Having served its purpose, it was decommissioned shortly after Gale graduated in 2011, but as of August 2014, it has been given a new life. It now has the purpose of documenting Gale’s thoughts about Philippine Law, most likely centered, but not limited to the effects of new emerging technologies such as the internet on the more traditional aspects and views enjoyed by our existing laws, aside from being a requirement for her Information and Technology class under Professor Berne Guerrero.

  1. awesome pic, eroyy :p este, gale. 🙂

    • chumee
    • July 11th, 2010

    OrCom152 sounds more complicated than my course’s 152 class;; XO;;

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