Gundam meets… UNICORN?


I haven’t seen it yet, but wow, did it break my brain to see it like that. It has a real live horn… just like a unicorn.

I can just imagine how Hetalia would take this:

England: Ja-Japan!

Japan: o..o Igirisu-san, I didn’t mean to insult you, have to apolo-

England: KYAH! >o<

Japan: E-eeeh?

England: Finally, a Gundam I actually like! >o<

Japan:  You… like it?

England: -dancing around- >o< yes, yes, it’s very…

Japan: Very..?

England: Very…

Japan: . . . Igirisu-san?

England: DREAMY~ >///<  So cute…

Japan: =___=||

England: Ahahahah~ Now the only that’s missing is a fairy type Gundam and it’ll be the best one yet!

Japan: I’m too old for this…

Or maybe not… I saw some of the character art, and it looked like they were trying to emulate the older style they used for the UC Universe. Well, I suppose it fits, since it is set in that universe. But just.. the name is very distracting… I mean, Unicorn? Surely there were other names..?

;A; I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it without giggling…

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