Event 1: June 2010 Toycon

Event: Toy Con, June 2010 – How I spent Php1500.00 in a day

And here’s where I talk about the Toycon~

It’s been a long time since I last went to a Toycon. I remember the last – it was a December Toycon,  and there were literally no people at the event… well, except for the booth people and the auctioneers. But really, it was a ghost town then.

But just this Saturday, June 19, 2010, I was shocked by the volume of people who went to the event. Of course, the Ozinefest events still trump the award for most people packed into the miniature halls of SM Megamall, but there were just enough people this time to make me think Toycon was trying to get the crown. You know, giving Ozinefest a run for its money. Or something.

But seriously though, Toycon was WOW. If I can just surmise every with an emoticon, it would probably be this one: @…@. There were just so many people in such a small hall, and because of the crowding, Hibari bit them all to death we weren’t able to go in the exhibit – which was actually the height of the event or so they said.

Anyway, there were some programs held. There was a cosplay competition the afternoon, but we were already out of the sweat fest before it even started. Booths were minimal too; I swear I counted about six booths for 2Rats. It was just 2Rats all over the place. And what little space 2Rats wasn’t able to conquer, the stage did.

I jest. There were actually more booths – Jack TV, Creativoices, that-one-with-the-hats-whose-name-I-forget,  a table for Filipino comic artists, and the exhibit we weren’t able to enter. I remember there was a Coca Cola table where they gave free samples of the new Coke Zero, but there were so much people, I couldn’t even sniff the cola. Or that maybe because of the Axe booth right across it. They were spraying people as they passed through.

At the Toy Story Display with M2M

Marie and Ate Mia (M2M, lol) posing at the Toy Story display

There was a buffet(?) table at the side closest to the exhibit, but we didn’t even go near it. We spent majority of our time near the 2Rats booths, buying DVDs at a buy-one-take-one deal at Php100.00. Oh, and there were also CDs at  a Php5.00 deal per piece. But surprise, surprise, I merely spent Php120.00 on the 2Rats booths – bought a buy-one-take-one Durarara!! DVD for Php100.00 (I let my cousin choose for the “get one” part), 2-disks (CD) for the Gensoumaden Movie at Php10.00 (I already have this, but I lost my copies), and 2-disks (CD) for the Ghost Fighter Movie at Php10.00 (I had this too, but again, lost it).

Majority of my money I spent on Hetalia. GOD, I came to the con thinking I wouldn’t be spending so much, since there wouldn’t be any Hetalia merchandise. Holy crap on a cracker, was I ever so wrong. There was Hetalia. Hetalia. And USUK.


I wanted to cry. I wanted to buy all the Hetalia merchandise, the pins, the cards, the shirts, the print outs, the tumblers. ;A; I was so so so so annoyed that there was Hetalia. So annoyed, but so happy.

So much for saving.

Anyway, I bought (read: restrained myself to buying) two Hetalia (USUK) wallet-sized calendar cards. The prints on them got me; I couldn’t care less if they weren’t calendars. Bought a Reborn (8059) calendar card as well, all three for Php120.00. Overpriced, yes, but at the time, my mind was screaming, “Who the hell cares!” I was so high because one of the USUK cards had an art I had never seen before. The other one was my favorite fanart of them. And well, the 8059 was in orange. And you guys all know how much I love orange.

Anyway, that brings me up to Php240.00.

In the same booth, they were selling pins, and Marie bought me two of them: one with the words Yaoi on it, and another with the fateful picture of the canon SasukexSai on Chapter 317, page 16 of Naruto. We all know why she got them for me, of course.

We also bought these funny hats at the booth whose name I still can’t remember. I got a hat which looks like Kyo of Furuba. I forgot how much it cost.. I think Php200.00? Or something like that, but I think I spent more there, I just can’t remember why. (But for my peace of mind, let’s just bring me up to Php440.00.)

Moving on, I thought I wouldn’t buy anything after that, but I think the powers-that-be conspired against me. In another booth there was -dundundun- a Hetalia tumbler! I whimper even now, remembering how the goods were just lying there, free for anyone to buy. (Actually, the lady selling them told me they’d been selling like pancakes since morning.) After a lot of deliberation, I decided to buy the tumbler, if only because the print had USUK (semi-USUK, but it’s a full one when I put my fangirl glasses on, hey) in it. The tumbler cost Php150.00, so now I’m up at Php590.00.

In another booth I saw the cutest thing – a bag with an octopus plushie attached to it. I’ve been looking for pink octopus plushies for a long time, in reference to Ryohei calling (and imagining, heh) Gokudera octopus-head, so I was elated to see an octopus bag-plushie. It wasn’t pink, but it was the best one I’ve seen so far, so I bought it. I’d probably never use it and just stare at it, but what the heck. It’s not like I ever use my anime-related stuff anyway.

Octo-G cost me Php260.00, so I’m now up to Php850.00.

At the same booth, I got Marie a little something – Pooh imitating Jeepers Creepers and wearing Stitch as his skin. It’s the second Pooh thing I’ve gotten her, and I really wish she liked it. XD I think I’m going to make this a tradition and get her Pooh stuff all the time now. Pooh was Php50.00, so now I’m up to Php900.00.

And of course, the ticket to the event was Php100.00. So there’s Php1000.00 for you. (I got the others’ tickets as well, so it actually brings me to Php1200.00, but that’s okay since I stole my cousin’s Iggysaur and let Marie pay for my food.)

The remaining Php500.00 went to food. And transportation. And some more food and transportation… and some more transportation. My cousin and I got to my house at 11PM because there were no jeeps going to our area. I think it was because of the rains and the resulting congestion of traffic. Even taxis refused us.

But we finally got a ride after we got to the jeep terminal at SM MoA. Lol, yeah, we found ourselves walking more than a kilometer, walking up an overpass, almost getting mugged, walking back the same distance we walked before, falling in line for the nonexistent skyway jeep, then finally riding the orange shuttle to MoA where we finally, finally got a jeep heading to Bicutan.

Where we promptly got a tricycle which took us home. To my house. Tired. Achy. At (almost) 11PM.

But I had loads of fun. Really.  |: }

On Konohamaru’s Sexy no Jutsu Boy on Boy version: I made a mistake, it was Chapter 347, page 10. XD Silly me. :O

    • chumee
    • July 11th, 2010

    Toycon back then was insane. It’s even insane-er now?;; Anyway;; The con sounds really fun (and money-sucking fun at that;; ) and I sympathize with you during your trip home. XO;;

    But at least you got fandom stuff..! XO;;

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