Meme 1: In My Pants


Music meme stolen from snapdraw_gone who stole it from rikasaurus.

(1) Put your music player of choice on shuffle, and then write down the 30 songs that come up and at the end of each title add ‘In My Pants’.
(2) Laugh hysterically.
(3) Pass it on.

My player hates me, I just know.

1. Naked Like the Moon In My Pants – XDDD I suppose, if I weren’t wearing undies
2. Bad Romance In My Pants – o.o
3. In So Many Ways In My Pants – There’s only one way in my pants. >D
4. How Many Hours In My Pants – as long as I have to.
5. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face In My Pants – please take your face out of my pants

6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas In My Pants – why is this even here?!
7. Hush In My Pants – yeah, there’s no commotion there now.
8. My December In My Pants – uh, hm. -coughfrostyasscough-
9. The Fallen Remix In My Pants – TRANSFORMPANTS!
10. Believe In My Pants – I can feel something inside me say they’re strong enough >D

11. Extra Pale In My Pants – Cuz it’s where the sun dun shine
12. Give Punk A Chance In My Pants – NO WAY. not yet
13. Arigatou (Thank You) In My Pants – -snigger- I don’t think Abe-kun approves
14. Pub And Go In My Pants – AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, YES THIS.
15. Viva La Gloria In My Pants – o.o

16. Candy Line In My Pants – This sounds like it came from some bad porn flick
17. St. Jimmy In My Pants – God will strike me by thunder
18. War Of Hearts And Minds In My Pants – I think the Body wins this war if it’s already in my pants
19. Shame On You In My Pants – shame on me more, actually
20. Fuusen (Balloon) Gum In My Pants – we talking about that ballooning gum or the other one..? >D

21. Keep Your Style In My Pants – It just keeps getting worse (and greener)
22. 180 Grad (degrees) In My Pants – … hot pants? XDD German songs = love
23. A Man You Get In My Pants – XDDD now that one’s just too direct
24. Love and Truth In My Pants – There’s nothing more true or lovable than what’s in my pants DIE GALE
25. Fire Flower In My Pants – that’s going to give me a rash. owo

26. Will In My Pants – Reading this and listening to the song.. is just weird. Love songs are ruined.
27. All For The Sake Of Love In My Pants – Oh I give up. The songs in my play list have conspired against me.
29. My Heart In My Pants – SEE WHAT I MEAN? ;A; Playlist is bullying me, I swear.
29. Kokyugen (Extreme) Fighter In My Pants – GAAARGH! Even Ryohei hates me! -walks off-
30. Come Again In My Pants – -eyetwitch-

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